An advanced numerical data type designed to handle very large integers.


The HugeInt type supports integers up to 4096 bits. Here's how you can declare a HugeInt:

h = 0x123456789abcdef  # HugeInt declaration

HugeInt is always expressed in hexadecimal format

Operating HugeInts

HugeInt supports a variety of operations, making it versatile for complex calculations:

  • == equal
  • != not equal
  • + plus
  • - minus
  • * multiply
  • / divide
  • % modulus
  • ** power
  • < less
  • <= less or equal
  • > more
  • >= more or equal
  • & logical AND
  • | logical OR


In FatScript, HugeInt is specifically designed as an unsigned type, and thus it can only represent positive values.

Interactions between HugeInt and other numeric types, such as Number, are not directly available. To perform such operations, you should convert the value to HugeInt using its constructor (available through the prototype extensions).


HugeInt offers high precision for very large integers, essential in fields like cryptography and large-scale computations. This precision remains consistent across its entire range.

prime = 0xfffffffffffffffc90fdA... # a large prime number

Contrary to floating-point numbers, HugeInt represents discrete integer values, maintaining consistent precision and spacing throughout its range:

|    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    | overflow

the maximum value is 2^4096 - 1, equivalent to a number with 1233 decimal digits or the 0xfff... literal (with 1024 repetitions of the letter f)

HugeInt is particularly well-suited for scenarios that demand exact integer arithmetic without rounding errors, especially when dealing with values far beyond the limits of Number type. It is important to ensure that all operations remain within its supported capacity, as exceeding this limit will raise a ValueError.

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