Chunk prototype extensions


_ <- fat.type.Chunk


Name Signature Brief
Chunk (val: Any) Coerces value to chunk (binary)

Prototype members

Name Signature Brief
isEmpty (): Boolean Returns true if size is zero
nonEmpty (): Boolean Returns true if non-zero size
size (): Number Returns chunk size (in bytes)
toText (): Text Converts chunk to text format
toBytes (): List/Number Converts chunk to bytes list
seekByte (byte: Number, offset: Number = 0): Number Returns index of first match
patch (i, n, val: Text): Text Inserts val at i, removing n bytes

toText replaces any invalid UTF-8 sequences with U+FFFD, represented as � in UTF-8


_ <- fat.type.Chunk

x = Chunk('example')

x.size     # yields 7
x.toText   # yields 'example'
x.toBytes  # yields [ 101, 120, 97, 109, 112, 108, 101 ]

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