Sound playback interface

Wrapper for command-line audio players using fork and kill.


_ <- fat.extra.Sound


The Sound constructor takes three arguments:

  • path: the filepath of your audio file.
  • duration (optional): the cool off time (in milliseconds) to accept to play again the file, usually you want to set this to the exact duration of your audio.
  • player (optional): the default player used is aplay (common Linux audio utility, only supports wav files), but you could use ffplay to play mp3, for example, defining ffplay = [ 'ffplay', '-nodisp', '-autoexit', '-loglevel', 'quiet' ], then providing it as argument for your sound instance. In this case the package ffmpeg needs to be installed on the system.

Prototype members

Name Signature Brief
play (): Void Start player, if not already playing
stop (): Void Stop player, if still playing

state of "still playing" is inferred from the duration parameter


_    <- fat.extra.Sound
time <- fat.time

applause = Sound('applause.wav', 5000);

note that Sound spawns a child process to play the audio, so it is asynchronous

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