Sound playback interface

Wrapper for command-line audio players using fork and kill.


_ <- fat.extra.Sound


The Sound constructor takes three arguments:

  • path: the filepath of your audio file.
  • duration (optional): the cool off time (in milliseconds) to accept to play again the file, usually you want to set this to the exact duration of your audio.
  • player (optional): the default player used is aplay (common Linux audio utility, only supports wav files), but you could use ffplay to play mp3, for example, defining ffplay = [ 'ffplay', '-nodisp', '-autoexit', '-loglevel', 'quiet' ], then providing it as argument for your sound instance. In this case the package ffmpeg needs to be installed on the system.

Prototype members

Name Signature Brief
play (): Void Start player, if not already playing
stop (): Void Stop player, if still playing

state of "still playing" is inferred from the duration parameter


_    <- fat.extra.Sound
time <- fat.time

applause = Sound('applause.wav', 5000);

note that Sound spawns a child process to play the audio, so it is asynchronous

Sound in Web Build

When using fry built with Emscripten (for example, when using FatScript Playground), this prototype uses embedded commands $soundPlay and $soundStop, which are only defined in the web build. Therefore, instead of utilizing a CLI audio player through process forking, there is audio support via SDL2/WebAudio.

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