An optimized in-memory key-value store, serving as a better performance replacement for default Scope implementation, designed for handling large data sets efficiently.

the speed gains will come at the expense of more memory usage


_ <- fat.extra.HashMap


Name Signature Brief
HashMap (capacity: Number = 97) Create a HashMap with a specified capacity

Prototype members

Name Signature Brief
set (key: Text, value: Any): Any Set a key-value pair in the HashMap
get (key: Text): Any Get the value associated with a key
keys (): List/Text Return a list of all keys in the HashMap
values (): List/Any Return a list of all values in the HashMap


_ <- fat.extra.HashMap

hmap = HashMap()
hmap.set('key1', 'value1')

hmap.get('key1')  # yields 'value1'
hmap.keys         # yields [ 'key1' ]
hmap.values       # yields [ 'value1' ]

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