Data store facilities


_ <- fat.extra.Storable

file library, sdk library, enigma library, Error type, Text type, Void type and Method type are automatically imported with this import


This library introduces two mixin types: Storable and EncryptedStorable


The Storable mixin provides methods for storing and retrieving objects in the filesystem using JSON serialization.

Prototype members

Name Signature Brief
list (): List/Text Gets list of ids for stored instances
load (id: Text): Any Loads an object from the filesystem
save (): Boolean Saves the current object instance
erase (): Boolean Deletes the file associated with the id

the load and save methods throw FileError on failure


Extends Storable with encryption capabilities for safer data storage. Requires an implementation of getEncryptionKey method.

Usage example

_ <- fat.extra.Storable

# Define a type that includes Storable (or EncryptedStorable)
User = (
  Storable  # Include the Storable mixin

  # EncryptedStorable                             # alternative implementation
  # getEncryptionKey = (): Text -> '3ncryp1ptM3'  # could get via KMS or config

  ## Argument slots
  name: Text
  email: Text

  # Setters return new immutable instance copy with updated field
  setName = (name: Text) -> self + User * { name }
  setEmail = (email: Text) -> self + User * { email }

# Create a new user instance
newUser = User('Jane Doe', '')

# Save the new user

# Update a user's information and save the changes
updatedUser = newUser
  .setName('Jane Smith')

# List all saved users
userIds = User.list

# Load a user from the filesystem
userId = userIds(0)  # ...or
loadedUser = User.load(userId)

# Delete user's data from the filesystem
loadedUser.erase  # ...or User.erase(userId)

Storable in Web Build

When using fry built with Emscripten (for example, when using FatScript Playground), this prototype uses embedded commands $storableSet, $storableGet, $storableList, and $storableRemove, which are only defined in the web build. Therefore, instead of using the conventional file system for storage, there is special support for using the browser's localStorage object.

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