Fry offers an integrated bundling tool for FatScript code.


To bundle your project into a single file starting from the entry point, execute:

fry -b sweet mySweetProject.fat

This process consolidates all imports (except literal paths) and trims unnecessary spaces, enhancing load times:

  • Adds a shebang to bundled code
  • Receives the execute attribute for file mode

Subsequently, you can run your program:


the bundling will replace any $break statements (debugger breakpoint) with ()


For optional obfuscation, use -o:

fry -o sweet mySweetProject.fat  # creates the obfuscated bundle
./sweet                          # executes your program as usual

When distributing via public hosts, consider setting a custom key with a local .fryrc. Only the client should be privy to this key to safeguard the source.

Obfuscation leverages enigma algorithm for encryption, ensuring swift decoding. For optimal load times, prefer -b if obfuscation isn't essential.


Imports are deduplicated and inlined based on their order of first appearance. As a result, the sequence in which you import your files could play a role in the final bundled output. Though these considerations are usually inconsequential for small projects, bundling larger projects may require additional organization. Always validate your bundled output.

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