HugeInt prototype extensions


_ <- fat.type.HugeInt


Name Signature Brief
HugeInt (val: Any) Number or text parsing to HugInt

performs the conversion from text to number assuming hexadecimal representation

Prototype members

Name Signature Brief
isEmpty (): Boolean Return true if zero
nonEmpty (): Boolean Return true if non-zero
size (): Number Return number of bits needed to represent
toText (): Text Return number as hexadecimal text
modExp (exp: HugeInt, mod: HugeInt): HugeInt Return modular exponentiation
toNumber (): Number Converts to number (with precision loss)

Usage notes

When converting from Number type to HugeInt, the limit is 2^53, which is the maximum value that can be safely represented as an integer without precision loss. Attempting to pass a value higher than this limit will raise a ValueError.

Conversely, when converting from HugeInt to Number, values up to 2^1023 - 1 can be converted with some degree of precision loss. Attempting to convert a value higher than this will result in infinity, which can be checked using the isInf method provided by the math library.

the math library also provides the maxInt value, which serves to assess potential precision loss; if a number is less than maxInt, its conversion from HugeInt is considered safe without precision loss

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