Error prototype extensions


_ <- fat.type.Error


  • AssignError: assigning a new value to an immutable entry
  • AsyncError: asynchronous operation failure
  • CallError: a call is made with insufficient arguments
  • FileError: file operation failure
  • IndexError: index is out of list/text bounds
  • KeyError: the key (name) is not found in scope
  • SyntaxError: syntax or code structure error
  • TypeError: type mismatch on method call, return, or assign
  • ValueError: type may be okay, but content is not accepted


Name Signature Brief
Error (val: Any) Return val coerced to text wrapped in error

Prototype members

Name Signature Brief
isEmpty (): Boolean Return true, always
nonEmpty (): Boolean Return false, always
size (): Number Return 0, always
toText (): Text Return error text val


_ <- fat.type.Error
x = Error('ops')
x.toText  # yields "Error: ops"

# ...or something unexpected
e = undeclared.item  # raises Error
e.toText             # yields "can't resolve scope of 'item'"

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