extra package

Utilities implemented in vanila FatScript:

  • csv - Rudimentary CSV encoder and decoder
  • Duration - Millisecond duration builder
  • elapsed - Elapsed time calculator
  • HashMap - Quick key-value store
  • hex - Hexadecimal encoder and decoder
  • json - Rudimentary JSON encoder and decoder
  • mathex - Extended mathematical library
  • Memo - Generic memoization utility class
  • regex - Regular expression common patterns
  • Sound - Sound playback interface
  • util - Other random utilities


If you want to make all of them available at once you can simply write:

_ <- fat.extra._

...or import one-by-one, as needed, e.g.:

_ <- fat.extra.json

Developer note

Currently most of these utilities are not resource or performance optimized.

The intent here was more of providing simple features, as basic templates that can be pulled out via readLib, so any developer with particular requirements will have a starting point for their own implementations.

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