Probabilistic values and fuzzy logic operations


_ <- fat.extra.Fuzzy


Name Signature Brief
Fuzzy (val: Number = 0.5) Create a Fuzzy probability value

the range from 0 to 1 is ideal for values, however, higher values can still be meaningful in specific operations like conjunction with values within the standard range

Prototype members

Name Signature Brief
isEmpty (): Boolean Checks if probability is zero
nonEmpty (): Boolean Checks if probability is greater than zero
size (): Number Converts fuzzy value to a percentage scale
toText (): Text Converts fuzzy value to a textual percentage
and (other: Fuzzy): Fuzzy Logical AND operation with another fuzzy value
or (other: Fuzzy): Fuzzy Logical OR operation with another fuzzy value
not (): Fuzzy Logical NOT operation, inverting the chance
decide (): Boolean Decides a boolean outcome within its chance


_ <- fat.extra.Fuzzy

# Creating fuzzy instances
lowChance = Fuzzy(0.25)  # 25% chance
highChance = Fuzzy(0.75) # 75% chance

# Applying logical operations
combinedChance = lowChance.and(highChance)
resolvedChance = combinedChance.decide  # results in a boolean


Introducing the Fuzzy type into FatScript was inspired by the humorous meme language definition, DreamBerd, which offers booleans that can be true, false, or maybe. Here, the maybe keyword translates to Fuzzy().decide, which can be considered an uncommon construct for most programming languages and is analogous to flipping a coin.

Although FatScript is not as esoteric to the extent of storing booleans as "one-and-a-half bits", the concept of providing a "funny" type that allows for modeling uncertainty was an interesting experiment and might actually prove useful in many scenarios. It enhances the language's capabilities to handle operations involving chances and decision-making processes where outcomes are not deterministic. The Fuzzy type is useful for scenarios requiring a nuanced approach to boolean logic, commonly seen in gaming logic, and anywhere probabilistic decisions are needed.

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