Fry's software development kit utilities

this is a special library that exposes some of the inner elements of fry interpreter to be used as debug tools (ast, printStack, readLib) or building blocks for advanced features (eval, getVersion, typeOf)


_ <- fat.sdk


Name Signature Brief
ast (_): Void Print abstract syntax tree of node
eval (code: Text): Any Evaluates text as FatScript program
getVersion (): Text Return fry version
printStack (depth: Number): Void Print execution context stack trace
readLib (ref: Text): Text Return fry library source code
typeOf (_): Text Return type of node
isMain (): Boolean Is executing as main or module


_ <- fat.sdk
_ <- fat.console

print(readLib('fat.extra.csv'))  # prints the csv library implementation

readLib cannot see external files, but read from file lib can

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