General overview

FatScript is a lightweight, interpreted programming language designed for building console-based applications. It emphasizes simplicity, ease of use, and functional programming concepts.

Free and open-source

fatscript/fry is an open-source project that encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration. We welcome developers to contribute to the project and help us improve it over time.

Key Concepts

  • Automatic memory management through garbage collection (GC)
  • Symbolic character combinations for a minimalistic syntax
  • REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop) for quick expression testing
  • Support for type system, inheritance, and sub-typing via aliases
  • Support for immutable programming and passable methods (as values)
  • Keep it simple and intuitive, whenever possible

Contents of this section

  • Setup: how to install the FatScript interpreter
  • Options: how to customize the runtime
  • Bundling: how to pack a FatScript application
  • Tooling: overview of a few extra tools and resources

Limitations and challenges

While FatScript is designed to be simple and intuitive, it is still a relatively new language and may not be suitable for all use cases. For example, it may underperform compared to more mature programming languages when dealing with complex workloads or high-performance computing tasks.

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